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It all started in 2004. As a young boy in his twenties, I had dreams and a head full of dreams
ideas to start your own business. I was then a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw
and I graduated from the LEON KOŹMIŃSKI ACADEMY, majoring in MANAGEMENT AND MARKETING. For the most part
During my studies, I thought about how a company should be run and managed,
advertise to create a strong, stable brand for years. I had an idea, courage, determination, and most importantly
support of the person closest to me. And this is where I wanted to emphasize clearly and at the same time for the first time
at this important time for us, we would like to present our eminence grise over 20 years of running our own business
GIFT STAR my wife MAGDALENA ZIELIŃSKA. The person who decides on the most important issues,
manages the company, has a lot of wisdom, thanks to which we have been successfully on the market for 20 years.
Our company, like a tree, grew from a tiny seed. We started with small steps and built
company in stages, it cost us a lot of sacrifices that were absolutely worth it to be here. Steps,
which we made then turned out to be one of the best decisions in our lives. Running a business is also huge
responsibility, with everything that is hidden under the word "company", which is the most important thing
people – our employees, customers, products, orders, etc. We would like to thank you
to all the people we had the pleasure of working with. We hope for
further cooperation with clients we have known for years and we invite new companies to contact us.

A large part of the industry knows GIFT STAR very well, but there are also new companies for which I will be very happy to report
now a little more about what we do. We are an import and export company.
Our offer includes over 100 models of advertising lanyards, tapes, rubber,
ribbons and many other gadgets. We have our own machinery for the production of tapes
and gadgets made using the sublimation method. Operating on the market for 20 years in the advertising products industry
We are experienced and professional so we deliver the highest quality products to meet your needs
requirements of even the most complex orders. Every customer, every order is for
us equally important and ensured at all stages of the order. We have produced millions of meters
tapes, we have completed hundreds of thousands of orders and I still feel the joy and challenge of subsequent implementations. Despite
20 years on the market, we learn something new all the time, introduce non-standard products and
technological solutions in our company. GIFT STAR is a strong and stable brand, and this allowed for
additional activities in which the company engages and strongly supports. This is my passion and great fulfillment: POLAND
FOOTBALL SCHOOL. PSF is a football academy created out of the love for football of a father and son, once a little boy, and now
A 20-year-old coach and club manager in one. Since 2012 we train young football players. I'm proud of it
project, and this was made possible thanks to the company's strong base. GIFT STAR is the main sponsor of POLSKA
FOOTBALL SCHOOLS. Once again, with great joy and gratitude, I would like to thank everyone who creates the GIFT STAR company with us
they cooperate.

Piotr Zieliński