The GIFT STAR company and Pro-USB are becoming the main sponsor of the Polska Szkoła Futbolu (Polish School of Football) in Warsaw. "Our marketing strategy is also sponsoring in sport. We have been supporting school children and youth in football for years, and now we want to launch an initiative to create Polish School of Football", says Piotr Zieliński, owner of GIFT STAR and Pro-USB, originator of the PSF.

Every parent knows how hard it is to make a decision about choosing the way of training for the child. The training system in Poland is still not perfected and not as developed as in Holland, Spain or Germany. Lack of funds, lack of experienced coaching staff as well as lack of a training system for young footballers are the problems of Polish football. Left in such a situation, a parent and a child are not quite sure what will be best for them and how to begin their football adventure. Creation of the PSF is an effect of joining the coaching and organizational thoughts. The experience of the people who have decided to open the PSF in their training work with children allows each parent to be convinced that their kid is on the right path to a sports career.

We also invite all other companies from our advertising industry to support this initiative and to start cooperation with us in sponsoring the PSF. More information at